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Play www.SINGBINGO.co.uk with UKASH

Well, I must say I thought that we were unlikely to top the excitement we have seen throughout 2010 with all the new, ground breaking bingo sites that have been released but apparently I am way off the mark. Talk over the mash & mushy peas is that there is yet another earth shaker due for release soon in the form of www.singbingo.co.uk. And not only is this one a Dragonfish offering which is a heap of good news on its own, but it is rumored to be the very first music themed UK bingo site.

So, the one year old Costa Bingo is going to get a singing sibling and we are going to get a super cool rocking bingo site that will break a couple of conventions along the way. It just doesn’t get any better does it? According to the whispers on the wind www.singbingo.com will feature both 75 and 90 ball bingo and some really innovative and exciting new instant win games. Sing Bingo is also rumored to be ready to spoil its members with music industry celebrity appearances and a constant stream of up to date music content.

The bingo games at sing bingo.co.uk are also going to feature industry standard busting progressive jackpots and guaranteed jackpot amounts so the carousel of good news just goes round and round. Although the release date for singbingo.co.uk is still shrouded in the expected mists of secrecy it would appear that the big day is imminent so you all need to keep your schedules clear and your daubers charged.

While this new crown prince’s exact nature is still unknown the mere fact that it will feature never before seen concepts and the fact that it will have a lineage as regal as it does can only bode well for the things to come. So kids, keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled for SingBingo.com and let’s see who can beat the pack and snare that magical, elusive “Member Number 1” award.