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Bingo Sites that Accept Ukash Deposits

Safe and Secure Online Transactions

With the exponential increase in credit card and online banking fraud those who engage in regular online transactions are ever more left looking for secure alternatives to mainstream financial options when doing business online. This also applies to online bingo members who regularly fund their accounts or cash out winnings. One of the most successful alternatives to using a credit card to fund bingo accounts online is the use of the ukash bingo voucher system. So it is only natural that more and more ukash bingo sites are popping up every day.

Play Bingo with Ukash and get Best Bonuses

bingo sites that accept ukash

Ukash payment method makes use of a set value voucher system to facilitate payments online and is both safe and convenient. The Ukash system requires no accounts to be opened or any personal or financial details to be divulged which make this payment method one of the safest alternatives to standard card or banking transactions.

Ukash vouchers are available in a wide range of denominations with a maximum value of £500 and may be bought at a maximum of five vouchers at any one time. The vouchers may be combined to make up larger amounts, be split to facilitate smaller payments and may even be converted to other currencies. The Ukash website features a toolbox function that allows for all of these various options to be used and makes the system very flexible. Ukash have also introduced a bingo specific feature in their ukash bingo option that caters specifically for the needs of bingo account funding in ukash bingo sites.

Ukash vouchers are available from a wide variety of different sources which include 150,000 dedicated terminals throughout the UK and Europe, newsstands, filling stations, shops displaying PayZone, E-Pay and PayPoint signs or via Vodafone. The Ukash voucher system is also available in locations such as China, Australia and South Africa. All you need to do in any of these locations is to access the Ukash site to find out where to buy vouchers.

Although not all bingo sites take Ukash vouchers, there are an ever increasing number bingo sites that accept ukash and in fact this great, simple and safe payment method is becoming ever more valuable as a bingo funding method. Here is a brief listing of online bingo sites that accept ukash vouchers as a payment method:

Tea Time Bingo

ukash bingo

Tea Time Bingo is one of most popular bingo sites that accept ukash payments. Tea time bingo also offers its players a fresh and attractive look and many notable benefits such as a £15 no deposit bingo bonus and a 200% first deposit bonus. Enjoy one of the best ukash bingo sites in the UK.

Red Bus Bingo


Another Ukash bingo site is Red Bus Bingo. The biggest hit in the last bingo year. Its newest promo is 2000% bonus on first deposit. All you have to do is deposit at least £10 and scratch a card. You’re guaranteed to win up to £2000 on top of 200% deposit bonus.

Tasty Bingo


The aptly named Tasty Bingo not only accepts Ukash transactions but also offers its members fantastic features like sumptuous Belgian chocolates in a Tasty Bingo Tin, excellent wines or a £20 cash bonus when registering.

Wink Bingo

Another website of the new generation UK online bingo sites that take ukash is Wink Bingo. With a handy £1000 signup bingo bonus (you’ll have to spin the wheel for that) and many other specials, promotions and a great games selection Wink Bingo is a sure fire winner.

These are not all the online bingo sites that accept ukash, though when you consider playing in a new bingo site make sure to check whether it does, if fact, accept Ukash vouchers as a payment method. It is well worth the extra effort as the Ukash virtual voucher is certainly one of the safest methods available to fund an online bingo account. An added benefit of the Ukash system is that when you play bingo with ukash you are unlikely to spend more than you can afford!

So if you are concerned about divulging your credit card or banking details online or do not have access to any conventional banking facilities, consider using the Ukash system of making online payments. Funding an online bingo account just doesn’t get any safer and easier than this!

Play Bingo with Ukash and get the Best Bonuses