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All payments and cash outs at Wink can be done with PayPal! You get a handsome, SPECIAL offer of 500% cash match on your 1st deposit!

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Bingo Street accepts PayPal! Register, deposit and collect 200% bingo bonus. Play free bingo every day and go for the guaranteed jackpots.

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Tasty offers delicious bingo treats, served with PayPal payments! Join now and get £30 free on your 1st deposit!

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  • Bingo with Paypal

    PayPal is a great system for funding bingo games online, depositing money and cashing out winnings. For now, bingo with PayPal is only available for UK bingo players and in certain top sites. Using PayPal as a payment method is flexible, easy and safe. You just need to open a PayPal account, transfer some money into it and you can start playing bingo with paypal. Free Bonuses in bingo sites that accept PayPal can reach £21 and deposit bonuse of 300%s are quite common. And not just bingo, PayPal system can be used for playing side games and slot games as well, as it works smoothly with both Bingo and Casino software. US bingo players can find the top bingo sites with the best payment methods in bingo directories for players from the USA.

    The transfers from PayPal to the bingo websites is quick and can be easily monitored online. It is also very safe so you can deposit high sums and collect very high winnings in cash. Whole jackpots can be collected via PayPal. Playing PayPal Bingo can be, at times, better than playing with any other banking method. Some paypal bingo sites credit your account with the winnings in less than 4 hours. Enjoying your prize money is also very simple. Just transfer it from PayPal to your bank account. Another option is to keep a PayPal account for paying and purchasing online. Bingo pay with PayPal in the safest way to make money deposits and withdrawals on the net, that’s common knowledge by now.

    When you use PayPal as a deposit method you enjoy all the benefits offered by all bingo sites. Free no deposit bonuses as well as deposit bonuses are given to all players playing PayPal bingo (or how our Spanish friends like to say – Bingo con PayPal). Some bingo sites as Ladbrokes Bingo even offer a special deposit bonus for bingo players using PayPal. Bingo free bonuses can reach over £21 and used for playing bingo for real with the opportunity to win cash money. When you deposit money through Pay Pal, or using any other method, you automatically get a deposit bonus that can reach 300%. This increases greatly your chances of winning just because it allows you to purchase 4 times more bingo cards.

    Bingo Sites that Accept PayPal is a top UK Bingo directory that brings you only the best PayPal Bingo sites that accept players using PayPal. All the bingos listed here have been reviewed for their gaming experience, software, ease of transactions as well as their game rooms, chat rooms and online support.

    Nowadays you don’t have to use a credit card to play bingo online.  You can protect your identity and personal information by choosing either to use paypal bingo sites or ukash bingo sites.  Why is this important for you?

    First of all, using bingo sites with paypal or ukash bingo sites is often more reliable and easier than using bingo sites with other banking methods. That’s because all of your personal information is already stored with Paypal and Ukash, so all you have to do is click once to get started. People love to use PayPal because all of their transactions are safe and confidential.  Paypal is a top payment method used by millions all over the world because it is reliable, with no interest, minimal or no fees and it can be used on thousands of websites — not only for gaming but for everyday shopping. Just go to, use their secure sign up form, provide your information just this once and then never again! Your PayPal account is active after your bank account has been verified and linked to your PayPal tools. Then you can use your Paypal user name instead of ever typing in your real name, address, let alone credit card number – you have become effectively anonymous when you play or buy online.

    Opening an account is simple, plus, many bingo paypal sites give you a special first deposit bonus which can reach 300% or more.  This allows you to purchase several times more bingo cards, which means your chances of winning are maximized.   Bingo sites that takes paypal are only available for UK bingo players except for certain top U.S. sites.  Paypal slots, side games, game rooms and online support are part of the bargain available by using bingo sites with paypal. Best of all, your cash-out time is less when you play paypal bingo sites, usually less than 4 hours! (Keep that in mind with your winning attitude.) Paypal bingo is a great way to use all the advantages of Paypal including the easiest and faster transfer of your winnings to your own account, while still keeping your credit card information and other personal information private.

    Bingo sites that take paypal are sure to take over. They will likely become the most popular way people who love to play bingo will want to have fun, always finding new gems among all the great bingo sites accepting paypal.  Knowing which bingo sites accept paypal is getting simpler because paypal is gaining so much traction, and it’s just a matter of time before your favourite site picks up this trusted payment method. Of course you could just wait for that to happen eventually. On the other hand, you might as well feel safe until then, by choosing Paypal-friendly sites if you try any new ones.  You can select from numerous bingo sites that accept paypal, and each day more and more are available to you.

    Bingo with Ukashukash bingo

    Another good online wallet system is Ukash (known here as Ukash Bingo) – and it is used frequently by bingo sites. You decide which deposit method you are going to use – and let the games begin!  Whether you are going for ukash bingo or bingo using paypal, you are a winner before you even begin, because most sites give you special first deposit bonuses on a minimum deposit amount of £10.  Free cash bonuses are offered using bingo sites with paypal.  Paypal bingo can lead to extra bonuses each time you fund your account using Paypal at certain sites. Imagine not paying anything up front to play bingo.  That’s right!  You can play ukash bingo without having to spend any money by using the usual sign-up bonus. Afterwards, simply purchase vouchers in values of up to £500 (up to five at a time), and combine them any way you want to redeposit and play.

    Ukash bingo sites are different from sites that let you play bingo with paypal because vouchers are purchased directly via PayPoint, Payzone or E-Pay from shops where you already shop.  There are 150,000 terminals throughout the UK and Europe where you can purchase Ukash vouchers. And by using Vodaphone you also have easy access to Ukash vouchers. It’s easy to get them while you are at petrol stations or buying your newspaper at your local newsstand. Whether you choose bingo with ukash or bingo using paypal you are a smart winner in so many ways: you get paypal no deposit bingo,  huge deposit bonuses, ongoing special promotions and special bonuses to loyal players.

    Let’s look at some of the top 6 most popular ukash bingo sites now being played:  Butlers Bingo, is a new website offering a £10 no deposit bonus.  Other sites like Wink Bingo, Red Bus Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Tea Time and Caesar offer high prizes. Butler’s Bingo, the newest of Ukash’s new bingo sites, offers bonuses and promos to loyal players. The most popular paypal bingo sites are Ruby Bingo, Virgin, Ladbrokes and 888 Ladies Bingo. (Virgin and 888 Ladies Bingo are the most established.)

    (Hint – If you are looking for a site that accepts BOTH PayPal and Ukash, point your mouse to Bingo on the Box, Wink Bingo and Red Bus Bingo.)

    Play Bingo with Ukash at these top bonus bingo sites:

    paypal bingo

    Play Tea Time Bingo with Ukash